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Fabric buildings for Industries & Warehouses

Industrial covers and steel warehouses 

are the ideal solution to help businesses 

undertake expansion projects

or satifsy logistic demands.

Favaretti’s Fabric builgings for industry are extremely high quality constructions and offer excellent solutions for loading/unloading areas and material storage. The important free light widths (more than 50 mt), the translucent covering membrane and the imposing and useful lateral heights help create work environments that are extremely safe and functional.

Our fabric buildings for industry and steel warehouses can be easily re-converted and re-adapted to evolving operative demands; enlarged to increase storage or even moved to another production site. All this with the aim of providing the best, flexible storage solution!

Our industrial covers are 100% customizable to meet the specific requirements of every firm, and can be equipped with countless accessories to continuously improve work conditions and productivity!

Businesses always need to have covered areas. This requirement is fully satisfied by means of:
>  Immediate installation;
>  Anchorage without the need for plinths or sides in reinforced cement;
>  Constructions that can be completely disassembled and re-installable , whenever necessary, in another location;
>  Complete modularity;
>  100% Deductible because it is a practical, cost-saving piece of equipment;



Before you buy a fabric building: Critical factors to consider!

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Why choose a fabric structure over a traditional building?

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