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Useful information before purchasing a fabric building.


1. Do tensile structures respect legislation in terms of material quality, resistance to snow, fire, wind and seismic activity?

Favaretti Group boasts of a strong quality-bound culture that emerges in all our areas of our business, through constant innovation and development. From the careful selection of material suppliers up to the finished product and its distribution channels, all the passages are constantly monitored according to a strict control system that allows us to guarantee equilibrium between respecting regulation and demanded performance. Favaretti Group has obtained the International Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008 from the QCB certifying body that guarantees the achievement of excellent organizational standards in terms of processes and focus on customers. In 2009 the group also obtained the SOA Certification (Certification for work contracts and public works) for the OS33 category, class II. In November 2012 the group obtained the upgrade to class IV (for the execution of public works up to 2.5 million €).

All this highlights our efforts and commitment towards careful and responsible corporate management.

Our tensile structures are designed in accordance with “Technical Norms for Construction” –NTC 2008– in accordance with all related regulations. Our structures are designed to resist all environmental factors in every country worldwide and are supplied with a technical report signed by a qualified engineer, through which we certify the product’s full resistance to snow, wind and seismic activity. All the structural components are heat zinc-coated for improved durability and protection against corrosion. Even the membrane of the cover is certified according to fire safety regulations and reaches high fire resistance classes (REI 120 or more).


The process of heat zinc-coating is a superficial treatment that guarantees an effective anti-corrosion protection that all our steel products undergo. Unlike traditional anti-corrosion treatments that simply cover the metal, our heat zinc-coating penetrates on a chemical-metallurgical level, making the metal capable of resisting to both corrosion and mechanical stress.

Make sure that the protection offered is sufficient in relation to the area in which the product is going to be installed. Favaretti, according to necessities, can intervene and “strengthen” the zinc-coating in case of particularly corrosive environments (e.g. marine…).


Favaretti utilizes only textile membranes of the highest quality, provided exclusively by certified suppliers. The used materials are tested in regard to European regulations in terms of resistance to traction, stretching, rips, breaking, adhesion and bending. The textile is class 2, or even class 1, fireproof. The protective treatment covers undergo, carried out completely within our establishment, involve a cutting-edge computerized cutting system and high frequency welding. The proven experience of our staff allows us to create unique and valuable covers.

4. Can Favaretti’s tensile structures be modified or moved?

Of course! Our structures are designed to be fixed, but can easily be modified, enlarged, shortened, and if necessary, moved to another location. Upon request they can even be dismantled, stored and reinstalled at a later date.

5. Will the purchase of a tensile structure lead to savings in the medium/long term? 

Yes, our tensile structures offer an affordable covering solution with countless economic benefits. The use of the highest quality materials, an accurate design and the employment of highly qualified staff allows us to provide extremely durable structures. The hot zinc-coated bearing structure does not require any maintenance and is practically eternal. The tough PVC lasts for up to 30 years, can be easily repaired and, in case your requirements should change, the structure can be modified or moved. The translucent covering membrane allows to have natural illumination with consequent energy saving costs. In the same way, the installation of a double membrane not only guarantees an improved habitability throughout the year, but allows to save large sums of money on heating costs. The low installation costs and the light foundation allows for further saving compared to a classic brick structure.

6. 100% Depreciable in only 5 years. 

A Favaretti tensile structure is a useful investment and pays off its cost in only 5 years. The benefits compared to a brick structure are clear, and also extend to its functionality: a tensile structure can be modified, enlarged and, if necessary, moved in another location.


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