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Favaretti Group boasts of a strong quality-bound culture that emerges in all aspects of our business, through constant innovation and development. From the careful selection of suppliers and materials to the finished product and its distribution channels, all steps are constantly monitored in accordance with a strict control system that allows to ensure a correct balance between compliance with standards and performance required.

Favaretti Group has obtained the International Quality Certification  ISO 9001:2008 from the QCB certifying body, that guarantees excellent organizational standards and customer care. In 2009 the company received the SOA Certification (Certification for work contracts and public works) for the OS33 category, class II. In November 2012 the group obtained the upgrade to class IV (for public works up to 2.5 milioni €).

All this shows our great commitment towards careful and responsible corporate management.


Certificaziono Favaretti


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