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Agricultural Tunnels

Agricultural Tunnels

Favaretti Group’s Agricultural tunnels are particularly sturdy, tubular structures made with zinc-treated steel – easy to install and affordable. Ideal for industries and agricultural businesses that need a depot to grow fodder, protect animals, agricultural machinery, for horticulture and floriculture. The experience we have matured in the field of so-called “light” structures has allowed Favaretti Group to guarantee and certify their resistance to snow and wind, in accordance with national regulations and, in the meanwhile, utilizes an anchorage system with pegs that does not require expensive brickwork.

Every agricultural tunnel is supplied with a technical report, a warranty and material certifications.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Withstands snow and wind according to regulation 
  • Arc shaped modular structure made with heat zinc-treated steel  (variable sections and widths according to snow loads).
  • Variable free space between arches
  • Cover with PVC textile membrane or upon request, PE (polyethylene).
  • Anchored to the ground with pegs along the perimeter (no need for brickwork).
  • Open or closed sides according to client needs.
  • Available sizes: std widths mt. 6 , 9 , 12 (customizable or upon request) ‐ modular length upon request

Tunnel prezzi 2016

*Net Prices, VAT excluded. Quotations referred to standard arched tunnel. Transport, assembly and various accessories separate.
Technical report included in the price.



Accessories available upon request:

  • Fixed, completely closed side in PVC;
  • Openable side in PVC, tent-like design
  • Slidable side with two shutters (with steel reinforcement and PVC buffering)
  • Vertical columns (upon request)
  • Micro-perforated PVC panels for air recirculation
  • Translucent PVC strip on the ceiling for natural lighting
  • Transparent PVC windows


Standard arched tunnel.


Increase your storage capacity with a vertical column structure. 

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